Straight Pride, Summer Vaca, Weddings Galore

Straight pride? Uh… After the city of Boston issued a permit for a “straight pride” parade later this summer, the internet has gone wild with condemnation and comedy. But Twitter user Eva Victor may have won the internet already. See why here. As you may have already heard, three men want to hold a “straight […]

Joe Biden, Jon Stewart, and Our Permafrost

Who’s got good intentions… Former Vice President Joe Biden made a bold promise on Tuesday to “cure cancer” if he is elected president in 2020. The Democratic frontrunner took some shots at President Trump while campaigning in Iowa, calling him an “existential threat” to the country. Who got scolded… Jon Stewart gave Congress an earful […]

Ubersuggest, Cannabusiness, AI

Google is getting pickier these days… and it’s all our fault. Everyone knows that the way you rank for a keyword is by creating content around it.  But content isn’t king anymore, because there are over 1 billion blogs on the web. That means Google can be really picky about what they decide to rank. […]

Chocolate Pudding, Breads, The Great Air Fry

Remember that chocolate pudding you had growing up? A creamy, sugar-free low carb chocolate pudding recipe that tastes better than store-bought! See how to make super yummy keto chocolate pudding with just 5 ingredients + 10 minutes prep. Keto chocolate pudding is rich, creamy, and delicious. You’re seriously going to want to finish off every […]

Global Warming, Frozen Fruits and Veggies, and This Is How Much We Love Our Pets

(add beauty and lifestyle tips) 5/30/19 Lighthearted, entertaining, witty, snarky, educational and fun for professional women. Politics What’s making people say ‘huh?’… Who just departed… Singer-songwriter Leon Redbone, who specialized in old-school vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley-style music, died Thursday.  A post on Redbone’s website confirming his death contained enough deadpan humor and obvious fiction […]