Google is getting pickier these days… and it’s all our fault.

Everyone knows that the way you rank for a keyword is by creating content around it.  But content isn’t king anymore, because there are over 1 billion blogs on the web. That means Google can be really picky about what they decide to rank.

So now, not only do you need to write amazing content, but you also have to promote it if you want to do well.

To help you with this, our friend Neil Patel made a Content Ideas report in Ubersuggest, the ultimate content marketing tool.

Because not all social media networks are created equally…

While Instagram might be a powerhouse for one brand, it’ll do nothing for another – and while one business might have tons of engagement on Facebook, another business will gain more traction on LinkedIn.

With that in mind, how do you choose where to invest your time (and potentially ad spend)?

The best move is to have at least a presence on each of the major platforms:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit, and from there, strategically choose which ones to double down on.  Here’s a quick recap of the major players in 2019 to ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

Working in cannabusiness?

The cannabis industry has been exploding in the U.S. throughout 2018 and 2019. Dispensaries, new products, grow supplies and research are all gaining traction.

The fact that the legal framework is shifting almost daily does not stop investors, researchers, and entrepreneurs from investing in this rising market.

Paid advertising is either tricky or straight up impossible for many cannabis-related products due to the terms of service of many advertising platforms.

Organic Google traffic and SEO are the new best friends of the cannabis industry.

Winning the top positions now will hold valuable growth opportunities as the market emerges, and SEO becomes more competitive. Here’s how to rank in the cannabis industry right now.

When it comes to marketing advice, here’s one you won’t want to miss…

It’s graduation season, the time of year when advice abounds. But let’s be honest, not all advice given to new grads, new employees, or even seasoned professionals is worth following.  Our advice? Read this first and see what 38 experts have to say about commonly heard but oft-misunderstood marketing advice.

Is your go-to-market strategy bulletproof?

Even when you put great amounts of effort, time, money, and resources into developing a new product or service, a poorly-planned go-to-market strategy could cause your project to flop.

Use this basic fill-in-the-blank template to help you get started on a killer go-to-market strategy. Or if you prefer, create a 12-month marketing plan in less than 10 minutes with the help of Hubspot’s free generator.

So exactly how close are we to outsourcing most of our activities to intelligent robots?

Do chatbots, robots, and digital assistants intrigue you?  What about automated vehicles and virtual assistants?

The nice folks at TechJury enjoyed thoroughly preparing this detailed infographic just for you. Why? Because curious minds want to know. It focuses mostly on narrow AI but also shows the mesmerizing resources poured into the industry that might lead to the discovery of true intelligence one day in the not-so-distant future.