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How To Cook Oyster Mushrooms

Have you ever heard of oyster mushrooms? If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re in for a real treat. They’re super simple to make and add rich nutrients while complimenting virtually any savory dish. While this recipe uses oyster mushrooms, there are tons of mushroom varietals out there you can use with distinct flavors and results. I love to try different ones I encounter at the farmers market, everything from morels to exotics.

First you want to use some really good butter. My favorite is of course Kerrigold. Heat up a pan to medium high heat and drop in a nice pat. (I’ve been using a wok lately for a lot of my cooking…)

When it’s mostly melted, add your mushrooms (of course wash them first…)

You’ll notice they’ll get rather soupy and exude quite a bit of liquid, but not to worry. Just keep going…

… until the liquid evaporates and they start to brown nicely…

When they’re nice and crispy and brown to your liking, they’re done!


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